29. 3. 2020


TEILMANN-PROKONZULTA, s.r.o. – Services & Asset Management

The company TEILMANN-PROKONZULTA, s.r.o. provides full services (turn-Key) within asset management, mainly focuses on the equipment leasing, finance industry, and the industry sector, further services are offered to the insolvency trustees. These services includes collections, asset recovery, re-marketing, and machinery surplus asset sales, plant liquidations, and appraisals.
The area of focus is mainly “B2B” related items in Czech & Slovak reps. but not limited to. Also B2C can be considered depending on the content.
The combination with the equipment liquidation skill and collections, TEILMANN-PROKONZULTA, s.r.o. becomes a productive one-stop solution for all your business needs

For inquiry, please contact, auctions@teilmann.cz or call +420 724 288 566

Auction Services

Auction and Liquidation services should be centred on product knowledge, skilled sales professionals, the internet, transparency and integrity. Company Teilmann-Prokonzulta is mainly used for local auctions which needs international exposure, as well as, to reach out into the region.

The website exhibition enables the buyer to browse and search for equipment, view pictures and condition reports, ask the professionals for additional information, and send data to others. The system accept bids from around the world and there through press the prices up.

We have established a strategic partnership with the largest auction house in Europe, Troostwijk Veilingen B.V. this cooperation has been established to reach out into the world (500 000 plus users) and there through try to achieve a higher price. – we already have several successful projects behind us.

Beyond standard equipment auctions, where you can “win” immediately, one can also maintain orderly equipment liquidations. This is a service provided to the clients in order to maintain a commercially reasonable sale.

For our buyers, a liquidation means we have certain prerequisites or rules that have to be met before we can sell the item to the highest bidder. In some cases, the sell date of the item may be delayed if certain criteria are not met. An example of the criteria might be a minimum price or the 3-bid rule.

All in all, this service ensures our clients to fully realize the equipment’s resale potential, and the sale will hold up in court if contested. This is an alternative to tender sales

Repossession Services

Competent. The repossession laws vary from country to country. The repossession should be done within the frames of the local law. We communicate closely with the client.
Insurance! We understand your sensitivity to risk. TEILMANN-PROKONZULTA, s.r.o. is sufficiently insured.
Cost Effective! The business model relies on commission from the equipment sale not the repossession fees.- shortly on success.

No Surprises! We quote a price and stick to it. TEILMANN-PROKONZULTA, s.r.o. will not repair, clean, or charge anything without prior approval in writing.

Collection ServiceTEILMANN-PROKONZULTA, s.r.o. offers a unique turn-key operational approach in that we can handle all facets of bad debt assignments, this including collections, investigations, asset valuations, repossessions, and in close cooperationy with the lawyers connected to the file.

This technology, when coupled with TEILMANN-PROKONZULTA, s.r.o. one-stop outsourcing solutions, provides you with considerable operational cost saving, this by providing an efficient outsourcing approach to the portfolio needs, with a limited number of touches.

As a result, the work loads are eased, as you work solely with TEILMANN-PROKONZULTA, s.r.o. from “A to Z.” this provides a significant and direct cost/expense benefit, as we understand the need to utilize agencies providing both a strong liquidation result, as well as cost effective programs and performance

TEILMANN s.r.o. Remarketing Services

From the moment your equipment recovery or end of term sale is assigned we’re hard at work assessing the FMV (Fair Market Value) and asking price. TEILMANN-PROKONZULTA, s.r.o. speak to end to the users and dealers, we have to consult all the resources available on line.

Once your assets are in our possession we will make sure they are displayed in optimal sale environment. Photos are taken, condition report completed and sent to you, the client. At that point the listing shows up on the web site.

We send out “equipment for bid” email alerts to potential buyers. The buyer list consists of thousands of potential buyers including end-users and dealers.
Also advertising the equipment in industry related magazines, is an approach. The goal is to showcase the equipment giving it the most exposure possible.

The result of the marketing effort should be that the bids roll in. Items remarket could be everything from trucks, computer equipment, machine tools, furniture, wood working equipment to automobiles, medical equipment, buses, cranes, and much more.


 TEILMANN-PROKONZULTA, s.r.o. Logistic Services

Many, even experienced buyers can run into problems when buying repossessed assets. Title issues, dismantling & logistics, condition of equipment, and price negotiation are just a few of the many different pitfalls that can be encountered and have to be handled.

One stay’s focused on the end result, we act as a liaison between the defaulted company, the financier or trustee, and ultimately the buyer.

Many times buyers assume purchasing a repossession is as simple as paying the overdue balance. That is simply not the case, there is a process to be uphold

The sales process is tailored to converting these assets legally from encumbered property to a free and clear saleable asset.

Purchasing repossessed assets can be a very complex yet rewarding process.


Appraisal Services, Inventory

The appraisals & inventory lists are provided to determine the value for insurance purposes, loans, residual and end-of-term leases, liquidations, and auctions, – these are based on experience and market value.

Also market valuation is provided in terms of risk evaluations, for financial institutions